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tv   [untitled]    April 12, 2012 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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i'm sure would be soon which rises if you move from phones to freshen. me start on t.v. don't come. a moment of truth for syria lassies fire that line passes and of moscow's concerns the fragile peace may be breached by rebels stirred up from the outside. predatory payday loans can uphold british banks back into the spotlight with critics up in arms over crippling interest rates and allegedly deceptive marketing tricks. and eighteen high russian scientists plan a foothold on the moon by step wishing a permanent solution or a base for them the next decade for turning their gaze to mars.
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it is windy and in the russian capital you're watching r t r marina joshie a ceasefire has been in place and syria for several hours already was no reports of major violence received so far but mutual distrust in the rebels' refusal to guarantee the end of hostilities means there is no concrete guarantee either side will avoid firing the first shot on a boy who is keeping us across developments in the capital damascus. this ceasefire came into effect at six am local time and so far it's been holding syrian defines minister promise not to conduct any operations that any have found safe again as they are military groups while they did say that they reserve their right to retaliate in case their units are being attacked as for the syrian opposition that hasn't released any official statement yet but what they're hearing from various
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members of various opposition groups is that there are going to respect the cease fire and they promise not to open fire if the regular army indeed silence has its guns damascus has almost been spared the destruction and that has some of the northern areas of syria but these tracks of violence is still present in your daily life people have to think twice about where you park your car and they try not to do that in front of the government offices a police precinct that young people are looking for ways to go boys being drafted into the army the economy's getting harder and the cost of living is increasing drop us carriers and maybe people here in the house because now saying that we can discuss political changes later on the first thing that should be done is to stop while and spawning some avoid the reporting from damascus now russia's call for some foreign players to persuade the rebels to cease was still these have
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apparently fallen on deaf ears foreign minister lavrov accused them of stirring up violence even further at a meeting with his g eight partners in washington d.c. are she's good and she can explain. the g eight ministers are meeting at a very important juncture is the fate of the u.n. and arab league envoy kofi annan plan that is now at stake the syrian government says they are committed to the plan russia's stance remains the same and that is all parties must lay down their arms it's important to note that the syrian opposition hasn't come up with a common joint response before cease fire to work all sides need to commit to a president assad said he will stick to the plan but will reserve the right to respond to terror attacks the russian foreign minister said that in that situation it's important to have some auditors to verify what's the situation on the ground and you can sure tell you. you should and that's why the presence of independent one of those on the ground is very it would. as far as the rhetoric between the
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u.s. and russia it's tense to say the least secretary of state hillary clinton said russia's refusal to support quote unquote constructive action by the u.n. security council on the crisis in syria is keeping its president bashar al assad in power u.s. ambassador to the united nations susan rice went even further saying russia and china have quote blood on their hands for refusing to go along with an intervention in syria there are policymakers here who are very pro intervention and they tend to blame russia for all that's happening in syria at least in their public statements in the meantime moscow's pushing for a political solution with a dialogue between the opposition and the government whereas the u.s. and the u.k. for example and the arab league tends to prompt the syrian opposition not to hold any talks with president assad and to continue fighting the sensually even as if they say they're also for a political solution because it's really lose their lives trying to influence the
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syrian opposition meetings with the opposition inside the country and the exiled opposition but it's absolutely clear that some of our international partners tell them different things and prevent the opposition from making any concessions this is room soon jim so you get a lot of also warned western and arab nations against arming syrian rebels saying quote even if the syrian opposition is armed to the teeth it will not be able to defeat the syrian army and the bloodshed will go on for years and of quote. our brains out on the syrian crisis and whether ago our latest peace plan is succeeding let's talk to dr arnall from our who's ramallah based political analyst thank you very much for being with us thirty now there have been no reports of major clashes but the peace seems to be very fragile and moment so how long do you expect this to last and who is likely to fire first. it seems that everybody or if
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you're participating to this or to what extent the other part is that it be started before i think i think very. very. proud of that's why i brought it out of the range to. continue as they are doing i think that this side is encouraged by the early games out of the. streets a bit in france it's about a super. scene that is i think going to be the leaders i mean very few who are supporting. him that's why we have to see these we have to with the twenty four i want to judge that there is. indeed but what will happen in your opinion if the cease fire is bridged. i think that. we should. fear.
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it would be a. chance to move very. very very g.m. . is going to make some money. is that egypt or the i think. i think there. should be and i think the syrian leadership should be feared really. well that is foreign minister sergey lavrov says that some international players are staring out the rebels preventing them from making concessions in your opinion how fair is this criticism and what players is he talking about who does he have in mind. i think i think there is very theory and i think the foreign minister of russia is very fair. in general and i think that should understand this i mean this is this the issues or of this this decision or. it is very very important though there
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should. be frankly there is no chance for any form or the moving for the international order from china and also from syria and iran and i think. as you know the. very. good on the the out of play into this to pull or to what extent russia is that according to the language. of laughable. well it refugee camp on the turkish side came under fire recently and turkey has hinted it may ask for nato help to protect its borders now do you think that could happen if the truce fails. i think the there is there was dangerous one because it is very close to syria and the very long border that is if you live there is in a crisis you know how there is
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a plane to form over of egypt between its interests it's good for there was its identity and its all saw. really politicized religion according to the kid who would continue to be a head of. all the attacks obviously india and i am afraid that they will try to move some forward or of c. my anybody inside the borders of syria and accordingly are going to syria should be very fair the way it's. continued playing because that in fact it's its identity. and it's the thought of the. think islam is what it is very bad manners all right finally mr maher very briefly if you can moscow calls on all sides and if you're in conflict a car so who should represent the opposition and in goshen kate and hugo sharing table. i think. it's only the opposition
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inside syria the new. people who. live with them but this by the way some of them are this some of them are some of them out of. who. should be inside syria and i think see they shouldn't you know who was in this movement. all right mr some are thanks very much indeed for sharing your thoughts with us here in our audience some are us based political analysts talking to us here. thank you. well there are mixed opinions around the world on the syrian crisis but today we want to know whether you think a complete cease fire is likely to be respected that's the question we're asking and today's poll on our key dot com so here's what we've got so far let's take a look at the answers in the pie chart there well as you can see it so far the majority which is forty three percent are skeptical saying the asin scene will push
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for another levy on the second largest group which is thirty three percent and think neither said nor the rebels will back down twenty one percent say it seems far as possible if the rebels lay down their arms behind already for now only three percent think that syrian national pressure will work so log on to our website or to com and let us know what you think. in the global financial crisis one man's loss is another man's game millions struggle to get by and there are there is seeing and grasping at opportunities but how far will they go in the name of profit are you can't respond laura smith retorts. all explain who won dot com so making it all sound so easy and it is in ten minutes payday loan companies handout short term loans to tide you over till you get your paycheck but kelly smith knows this short term solution can become a long term trap. line then by sickly what happened next
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borrow just the money you need for a short period of time many people are finding much more a contagious but growing up. on credit cards advantages maybe if you pay it off straight away but high interest rates and takes late charges can make it impossible for people on low incomes to pay off their debts according to research by the day the court trusts people on average twelve hundred pounds and forty percent of the borrowing money to pay the basic living costs even more worryingly mooste customers have forage for a payday loan company to pay off another. pay day go now the average pay day barua has loans from different companies and they're constantly targeted by the. somehow managed to get this one company this of the different audience text me and say hi kelly do you want to do one or by line you we've accepted use the chance to get
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your loan and then there's all these different companies texting me enormously really because i think. why would you want somebody and. months later kelly's still trapped in a vicious cycle of debt she doesn't know how she's going to get out of it you have to go cold turkey to get out of so i can as far as a cold turkey. can you afford to do that would you be able to afford to laura smith r.t. kent now this year so far been relatively good forty you were the euro crisis appearing to simmer down but that may be about to change after an extremely poor showing out of spanish government debt auction try it here and stay for herberts with more of that at a lot of thirty g.m.t. . a flood of easy money courtesy of the european central bank may for a calm start to twenty twelve but a poor spanish bond sale last week signals it may have only been
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a law before the debt storm breaks analysts warn while i think of it more as a debt do really work that well you take a country like greece you stick it on the fund do fork and you dip it into the debt and then you serve it up to government j.p. morgan. all this do is great now spain is being thrown into the debt fondu. russian space scientists are preparing the next giant leap for mankind with the ambitious goal of gaining our foothold on the moon wouldn't ten years now spend all the daring project consols with the fifty first anniversary of the very first manned space flight on board looks at the chances of success. to put a man on the moon to keep him there that's the aim for space exploration in the coming decade according to a plan unveiled by moscow's academy of sciences' choice what does that word mankind
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cannot stay where it is now for a long time we have been successful in exploring near earth space it's going to move beyond those already a goal is to put on manned rovers on the moon by two thousand and twenty with landing stations established by twenty twenty two which will start the process of building a permanent manned base their own on the minute who is that all well say scientists we actually know surprisingly little about our closest cosmic neighbor and the consensus is we should try and prove our skills and science as close as possible to home before attempting any bigger leaps vast quantities of frozen water have been discovered under the moon's surface taken there by billions of years worth of collisions with asteroids and water might not be all we find if we look carefully organic samples may have been preserved in comets in a frozen state it's impossible to investigate them from afar so we should deliver
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those samples back to or in the control rooms there have been serious questions about whether we can technically manage a moon base the past year has seen a catalog of the areas including the supply rocket on its way to the international space station plunging back to earth and an unmanned mars exploration rocket falling from orbit we're still using technology from the decades of the space race from the fifty's to the eighty's so scientists and new ships have been taking too long to arrive. until we get these new ships we will have problems also many of the people with the knowledge of the old models are no longer with us and the younger generation doesn't have much so for now sticking with the moon might be ambitious enough. sometimes it's of mars missions as well as the world remembers the. space in the first place those in charge of cause ok exploration want to stop
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marking the breakthroughs of the past and start making some of their own box and. well space entrepreneur believes moon exploration offers unlimited opportunities for mankind only three nations have the space and the companies are trying to do it and that's a big difference pharmaceutical research growing different process season materials than they would use gravity on the moon maybe you set something up on the far side that really can look with scientists i'm sure you could get. to jump on a rocket ship and spend five years on the far side of the moon. i've got plenty more on our website r.t. dot com so don't hesitate to log on for the latest stories and here's a taste of the day. harmful pesticides used as a chemical weapon in the vietnam war has been approved as a farmer. not playing ball the manager of
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a top line american baseball club from miami gets a five game downpour publicly expressing his affection for cuba's longstanding. good loveridge sure. it was easy to build the most sophisticated which on those interviews with jordan found anything to submission to teach creation and why you should care about humans and. this is why you should care only. iran is ready to make the asian buyers of its oil and offer it can't refuse to its concept wise to germany and is now aiming to attract new customers still sap effect of sanctions imposed by the u.s. and the e.u. however tehran says it's also ready to make new proposals to countries worried about its nuclear program and you're out of talks will take place in this gamble later this week but iran's chief negotiator has warned they will not respond to
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pressure and talk to r.t. former u.s. secretary former u.s. security adviser general james jones says while ron has the right to nuclear power it must work with the international community or become isolated or useful interview is coming up next hour here on our t.v. but with take a look. at the. should have access to peaceful nuclear power if it wished with iran seriously wants to. play according to the game play according to rules and all of us play by. sign the documents that . guarantee a certain behavior. there's no reason. to run. a nuclear power nuclear power. for peaceful use so you know to me the. pressure of the responsibility of this is not a problem russia or the united states through to. make iran do anything but it
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doesn't want to do it's up to iran and say you know. we want to be your north korea . your living in the world one solution. i'll take a look at some other stories from around the world so you could offer you the second son of the late we begin leaders as he's prepared to demand self in court against war crimes charges and is currently being held in a city in the west of the country were local militia men are reluctant to hand it over to the central government last week the international criminal court rejected lidia's request to postpone a transfer to the hague. for planes from sudan have launched their first attack on a major town in neighboring nations south sudan aircraft dropped five bombs on the capital of a northern oil producing region apparently i mean for bridge on wednesday there was heavy fighting on the contested border between the two countries so down accuses
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the south which only gained independence last year of occupying an oil field vital to its economy. at least seventy two suspected al qaeda linked fighters haugen killed following three days of clashes with yemeni soldiers insurgents have been attacking army barracks trying to retake the strategic southern town of la there it's the latest in a series of deadly confrontations following an uprising which forced longtime leader ali abdullah saleh from power the latest fighting it's reported u.s. warplanes have carried out airstrikes. hundreds of people have been demonstrating in the chilean capital santiago against the construction of five dams and patagonia demonstrators fear the project that harmed landscape and wildlife of the southern region police broke up a peaceful march with water arresting doesn't but she and supreme court green lighted the project last week rejecting a legal challenge from its critics. now on a lighter note would like to show you this video from a russian motorist recorded by his dashboard camera and it's definitely something
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you won't see again for a while well an ordinary drive quickly turns ugly with a driver an arrow evading two oncoming cars only to find a cell spinning out of control towards a speeding truck but a lock or reverses the car winds up drifting around the truck and even right sells the end argue magine what was going through the mind of the driver there but he certainly won't be forgetting that morning commutes anytime soon. well it was happening in business in gosh i want to go for us in the watch in the spotlight is thursday all the spotlights on italy or on italy's debt to be more precise italy's a three year borrowing costs are set to rise by a full percentage point compared to a month ago and that's a bond auction later on thursday and it's apparently making traders kind of jittery let's take a look at those numbers in europe as you can see the footsie is trading a little more though less than one percent lower of world bank of scotland is
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leading these the kleins but the dax is managing to withstand the pressure and here in russia the russian markets are also in the other ran at lunch hour in fact the my sex has slipped below the psychologically important level of fifteen hundred points as you can see there and all of the blue chips are hurting on the mindsets but some of the biggest movers include as bear banks as you can see it's losing value after vases also shedding the troubled carmaker is set to go up to two billion dollars by the year two thousand and fifteen to modernize car production but one of the stocks that's not managing to buck the downward trend it is a sparkling wines producer browder saw in its second day of trade it's a doing quite well on the went during wednesday's i.p.o. it raised one hundred thirty eight million dollars and now on to currencies the dollar's currently losing to the euro but the russian ruble is doing quite well
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it's gaining to both the dollar and the your and now on to wall street it had a pretty good trading session on wednesday you seeing these numbers there the dow managed to snap out of its five a session losing streak and would two proctors really played a role there the first was the spanish and italian bond yields that fell offering support to both the european and the u.s. equities of course the second one was alcoa everyone expected it. pulls the loss but it actually came out with an unexpected profit and the stocks to watch today is google is coming out with its results after the bell and of course these a weekly jobless claims which everybody's really want to trying to make sure that the u.s. economy is on track for recovery and all is higher this hour pretty choppy trading throughout the day today there were two conflicting stories there on the one hand us fuel stockpiles were dropping faster than expected last week but on the other hand crew inventories are actually higher than they expected and which is one of
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the reasons why we saw oil in the red earlier in the day in staying with the energy sector. oil major was nafta and gals producer i'd terra have received green light from russia's anti-monopoly watchdog to join forces they'll create a gas venture which this is what they really says will be set up as a water rosenau will get a controlling stake in return for access to its two ross that's gas deposit analysts say within a few years the joint ventures production could match out of the country's second largest gas company nova tech. and one more story for you growth in emerging markets is speeding up despite a weak demand for their products in the developed world has b.c. index of business conditions in developing nations rules to more than fifty three points in the first quarter reading about fifty indicates an expansion the rebound in manufacturing and growth in the service sector of the main drivers with russia
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and china one behind brazil and india. right and that's all the latest of course from the business best care but you can always find a lot more stories check them out there on our site it's r t the. sooner thanks very much indeed for bringing us this update a lot in the spotlight in business today and a lot of coming your way here on our team quoting our special report looking behind the scenes of the first manned space widest. that is coming shortly before that i'll bring you the headlines.
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feeds now in the palm of your. question on the faulty jolt cola. on the internet. this is street still keeps its secrets but now it's time some feel that the soviet files an obscene.


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